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Sanskriti Centre was brought into being by Bulu Imam and his family as a continuing process through the last decade of the twentieth century. It was based upon the premise that people, and peoples, especially indigenous ones, had a right to celebrate themselves and their cultures to the applause of the world. This idea started the various initiatives that the Centre is now famous for, such as the tribal arts project. One of the compelling characteristics the Centre was designed to convey was a tribal village atmosphere conducive to villagers, with the attributes of the outside world enabling it to act as an extension resource. It thus became a spokesperson for the unheard and unseen. As an extension of itself the Centre reached out to post-modern intellectuals and implemented the intellectual satyagraha against destructive development, especially coal mining, in the pristine watershed of the river Damodar in its wide and wonderful cobra headed watershed. The documentation and research archives of the Centre have grown to be a precious resource for research, and have led to the making of over one dozen cine and video films over the past decade on the culture and environment of the region.

The Centre has been built about an early 20th Century heritage building and modern ranch style complex with separate units of innovative indigenous post-mordern eco-architecture, set amidst six acres of indigenous trees and orchards. 

The Centre has a very good Museum and Art Gallery. The Museum contains the complete archaeological record of the Hazaribagh region from the Lower Palaeolithic to the present. The Art Gallery contains fifteen styles of painting in the Khovar and Sohrai schools and over three hundred paintings are exhibited.

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